It comes from within

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  When you spend your teens and 20s on the […]


When you spend your teens and 20s on the seesaw of body image, you’re bound to teeter with a few insecurities. We all know her: the girl whose self-esteem has felt and dealt with the heaviness of weight expectations. Realistically for too many of us, we are that girl— and Danielle Duboise (@danielleduboise) is no exception, “I spent a lot of my younger years feeling like I had to be thinner, prettier, etcetera. No matter how thin or voluptuous I was, it was never enough. It took creating the Sakara Life nutrition protocol and flooding my body with the right nutrients—instead of counting calories or carbs or points or pounds—for me to really change my relationship to food and realize I deserve to feel good. Most importantly, the only way to truly look good is if it comes from an honest place of feeling good.”


Outfitted in a positive frame of mind, Duboise rocks her aplomb in vogue. And for this startup siren, nothing shouts confidence quite as loudly as a sexy pair of black boots. Her style profile ranges from desert-chic to city-girl—peppered with a little hippie for good measure. After a first trimester of feeling more meh than mod, she has hit her maternity stride sporting long silk dresses, leather jackets, white T-shirts and black skinny jeans. Although she’s always been drawn to ‘70s fashion, Duboise’s biggest inspiration for what to wear is her own intuition: “I just feel the need to dress in a way that makes me feel good.” We hear ya, girl. Sometimes the only accessory you need to bring a look together is a good ol’ simple affirmation from yours truly.



Sakara (@sakaralife) is an organic, nutrition-based meal subscription service centered on the principle that food is medicine. For a grateful Duboise, Sakara (created with partner Whitney Tingle) is a lifestyle—a mindful way to share her transformation (both physical and emotional) with others who could benefit from the same path. “When Whitney and I hit our rock bottoms in New York City, we decided to turn our mess into our mission and find a way to feel like our most powerful, radiant selves—and it happened through healing our diets. We couldn’t keep this transformative way of eating to ourselves, so we started cooking meals for our friends and delivering on bicycles.”



Hoops, a hat and high heels.

Images: (white dress) Lianna Tarantin for Sakara Life, (orange dress) Hatch, (Sakara) courtsey of Danielle Duboise