19 Hilarious Father’s Day Tweets

By Published On: June 17th, 2022

Send these to your baby daddy for a few shared laughs.

Father’s Day is almost here, and people have tweets to share on the subject—both the holiday and dads in general.

For some, it’s another annual Beer, Socks, Fishing and Barbecuing Day, so fire up the grill, and set the kids loose with paper and markers to make Dad yet another coupon book.

For others not celebrating Father’s Day, whatever the reason may be, know we’re so sorry. Your feelings are valid, and we’re sending you the biggest hugs!

We also want to acknowledge that in recent years, dads have been stepping up to break traditional gender roles and doing their part without expecting a gold star—and we’re here for it. Huge kudos to all the dads being dads!

And where do active parents turn when in the trenches of everyday parenting? We turn to comedic relief. (Works like a charm!) So give your white New Balance sneakers and tube socks a rest, Pops, and have a laugh (or 19) with these hilarious Father’s Day tweets:

There’s something magical about knowing you’re going to get EXACTLY what you want instead of dropping hints and hoping for the best, or having to leave your house to use a gift card. Let’s normalize sending each other our Amazon wishlists.

Heaven forbid you fall outside of these family sitcom norms of what a dad does, is, and likes. You will eat your steak in your brand new socks while the novelty plastic fish gift sings from your wall, and you will LIKE IT.

And Mom will be in the kitchen secretly snickering because she JUST had to stomach a delicious plate of salmonella for Mother’s Day and now it’s your turn.

We’d have more commentary on this, but honestly, we’re still recouping from being up all night putting trying to get the kids to sleep after Dad “helped” with the bedtime routine.

Crap, they’re onto us!

Listen, dads are more than a stereotype…*watches a neighborhood dad start up his lawnmower no less than two minutes after his neighbor started his*

We’re all just slowly morphing into our parents, who are we trying to kid?

“Bless this mess” or whatever the current popular suburban mom’s barnwood sign says.

Facebook Status: Enjoying some breakfast in bed, compliments of my tiny maraca-les.

Sounds like a blast. And, speaking of blasts, Dad’s gonna have to use the bathroom “really quick” while Mom gets the kids ready to leave.

Doesn’t it depend on if the groundhog saw its shadow or something?

It’s the thought that counts, really.

Best I can do is some handprint art on the back of this mile-long CVS receipt for some beef jerky.

Living la vida non-astronomical gas and electric bills.
-Ricky Martin as a dad. Probably.

Or inside of the hamper instead of hanging on the side, or on the floor three inches away from it.

We know what they really want, and it’s the chance to clap their hands once and shout “Family Meeting!”

We would do anything for love, but we won’t do that. No, no.

Ah, yes, the widely celebrated Jortsmas.

This we pray, our most holey Crocs with socks prayer, Amen.

Share this post, laugh, be merry, and pretend it’s the first time you’re hearing that dad joke from the special dads in your life. Happy Father’s Day!

By Serena Dorman