13 Hilariously Real Parenting Hacks

By Published On: May 19th, 2022

Parenting is one of those things we’re 100 percent confident we have all figured out until we actually become parents.

You can Google your problems to your heart’s content or search Pinterest for parenting tips, but you probably won’t find anything as real as the hacks these funny parents on social media are dishing out.

Here are 13 hilariously real parenting tips and hacks:

1. Seriously, this works every single time whether you want it to or not. A precursor to this is your kid telling you they won’t spill/don’t need help.

2. Distraction is key, and so is you looking completely effing ridiculous in order to appease your spawn.

3. Nothing invites more commotion like a mother finally making her damn overdue pap smear appointment.

4. We can totally vouch for this. What? We did it in the name of science.

5. Desperate, caffeine-deprived times call for desperate measures.

6. It’s called upcycling and we’re here for it. Look, we’re just trying to do our part in saving the planet. Also, sharing is caring.

7. Unless your kids love bathtime or cleaning, announcing that these are about to happen is a surefire way to get them out of your hair for a few minutes.

8. There are few things more frustrating than trying to clean your house while your kids still live there. It’s a nice thought in theory but it’s just not practical.

9. Telling our children to be reasonable when we’re having trouble being reasonable because they’re not being reasonable is one of the fun paradoxes of being a mom.

10. It can be beyond infuriating as a mom when other people are in the kitchen at the same time as you. There’s really no reason but the rage you will feel is undeniable. So if you’re looking for a way to remedy that, here you go.

11. After many, many, many trials throughout the years, we feel confident in backing this hack.

12. This is a family favorite in our households.

13. Keep this parenting tactic in your toolbelt if you want to survive..

Being a parent is both immensely amazing and immensely hard, and it’s OK to feel and say both. We hope these made you laugh or crack a smile. And, hey, maybe you even learned something?

By Serena Dorman