Better Life Bags Harper Backpack


"This is a really great bag, and it’s available in a ton of different varieties: You choose your leather color, hardware and outer, pocket and interior fabric (there are so many options for the outer fabric and pockets!)."

Better Life Bags Harper Backpack2018-02-13T03:20:27-05:00

Nest Designs Ayla Tote


"I love the strap options on the Ayla. In addition to the regular handles, there is a detachable shoulder strap that is adjustable. It’s great to have two different carry options since each day is a little different when you’re a mom."

Nest Designs Ayla Tote2018-01-25T18:10:39-05:00

Pottery Barn Kids Florence Diaper Bag


"The shape of this bag is really what I love, though—it’s so wide without being unwieldly, and the round handles make it a perfect fit on my shoulder. It opens super wide, which makes finding something inside it easy as pie."

Pottery Barn Kids Florence Diaper Bag2018-02-13T03:20:27-05:00

Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack


"This gorgeous bag travels easy from the office to play dates. It is a decent sized bag that can be used for anything, but we like it best for day-to-day and the occasional overnight at Nana’s."

Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack2018-02-13T03:20:28-05:00

Paperclip The Willow


"In a truly ingenious move, once opened, the pack can be zipped down both sizes and the last remaining panel will then fold down and out into an impromptu changing table, making the Willow something of a one-stop shop."

Paperclip The Willow2018-02-13T03:20:29-05:00
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