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Ask the Experts: Sleep safety

My baby is due in a month, and I am already stressing about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). I feel overwhelmed with the thought of accidentally putting her in danger, so what can I do to ensure her sleeping environment is as safe as possible?

Ask The Experts: Baby poop

My son has transitioned to solid foods, and his bowel movements are never consistent. Is there a “normal” when it comes to baby poop, and what points to a possible issue?

Ask the Experts: Baby oral health

When it comes to my baby's mouth, does oral maintenance start when she cuts her first tooth, or can I be doing things ahead of time to help develop good dental habits?

Can you drink alcohol when breastfeeding?

My sister’s bachelorette party is coming up, and I’m exclusively breastfeeding. Part of me wants to be able to celebrate with a glass of champagne, but I’m worried about transferring alcohol to my baby. What precautions can I take to ensure my milk is totally back to normal before a feeding?

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