Water Birth

It’s a boy: The birth of Roland

"My plan was to get into the water before needing to push this time, so I waited until I was just at the point of unawareness that I wouldn't care about being nearly naked in front of everyone."

Team effort: The birth of Topher

"With each push I had to bear down, hold my breath and send all of my energy down low to a sustained push for as long as I could. Then, I'd take a quick breath and do it all over again."

Through fire and water: The birth of Aaron James

"I kept telling Dan not to get excited because I was so convinced that it was a false alarm. I had been reading on baby forums about women having contractions for days—even weeks—who weren’t dilated or effaced at all, so I thought I needed a go at false labor before the real thing would happen."

Home remedy: The birth of Fanon

"Having my baby at home was everything I had hoped birthing would be. Liberating. Empowering. Simple. Calm. Mine. I was not made to do anything I didn't want to; I was where I was most comfortable, around people I was most comfortable with."

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