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Wildbird Ring Sling Review

"The Wildbird can be used for a traditional tummy to tummy carry, a hip carry, or a kangaroo, outward-facing carry. This sling has turned into my go-to carrier. I cannot emphasize enough how quick and simple it is to get the Wildbird on and get my daughter into the sling."

Abiie Huggs Contour

"What I really love about this carrier is the freedom it gave my toddler to interact and experience the world around her while still being securely fastened to her father. I felt she was safe and entertained at the same time. Because the seat keeps baby in a healthy sitting position, she was able to enjoy the hike comfortably with minimal complaints."

Beco 8 Baby Carrier

"The straps don’t dig into my shoulders—and they can cross for additional support. There’s even a lumbar support pad that my back is very grateful for, especially when toting my ever-growing 2-year-old, who still loves a good snuggle in the front carry position."

Stokke MyCarrier Front/Back Carrier

The Stokke MyCarrier in red Father showing how the carrier can be used carrying your baby on the front and back With three kids under the age of 4, babywearing is


"My husband and I found it very easy to quickly adjust the size back and forth. The remainder of the carrier is attached with a tie, making it more like a traditional wrap carrier. I was easily able to use it the first time without the help of another adult."

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