Gear Review: VTech Sleep Trainer and Over-the-Crib Smart Baby Monitor

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We tested VTech’s V-Hush Pro Sleep Training Soother and V-Care 1080p Over-the-Crib Wifi Smart Baby Monitor. But will this tech combo help you and your baby get a good night’s sleep?

Among the non-negotiable, must-have items new parents need for a baby are a video monitor and a sound machine. Between ensuring a safe sleep space for your baby and creating an environment that promotes quality sleep (for both baby and, in turn, parents), the benefits of these two products can’t be overstated. 

Given the need for these gadgets, there are many options available on the market, but one brand that has continued to stand out in baby gear throughout the years is VTech. It has become one of the most trusted, parent-favorite names in electronic baby gear, and for a good reason—its products are high-quality and reliable. 

I was given the opportunity to try VTech’s V-Care 1080p Over-the-Crib Wifi Smart Baby Monitor and V-Hush Pro Soothing Sleep Trainer to learn more about their performance. From a crisp video feed on the color 5” HD display to gentle sounds (and bedtime stories!) to aesthetically pleasing designs, these are two products that certainly live up to VTech’s reputation.


I don’t consider myself a techy or handy person, so I was admittedly intimidated when these products first arrived. Both require the use of an app in order to access all of the features, and the monitor is designed to be mounted on the wall. Thankfully, these are areas where my husband excels, so with his help, the setup went relatively smoothly. 

Sleep Trainer

While the soother does have an app to control it remotely, you can also set it up manually using buttons and a light tapping feature on the device itself. Initially, I set it up this way to determine how necessary the app is. Truth be told, it would have been so much easier on me if I had just downloaded the app to begin with because I had to thoroughly read through the instructions in order to figure out all of the settings options and learn how to navigate the different features. Once I downloaded the app and connected the soother to my phone, it was so much easier to control, and I was able to take advantage of all it had to offer.

Baby Monitor

The monitor came neatly packaged with everything needed for setup, including the camera and its cable (plus an extension cable), parent monitor unit (and charging cable), mounting hardware and equipment, and a detailed instruction manual. All of the pieces were clearly labeled and organized. My favorite little detail is that the mount has a built-in level, so when you’re securing onto the wall, you can be sure you’re installing it straight without the need for an extra tool.

Once the camera is mounted, you simply plug it in and turn on the parent unit to get the basic (most important) features—strong, clear video and sound feeds, room temperature readings, two-way talk, motion detection (including face cover alerts), and melodies and soothing sounds. You do not have to connect the device to your wifi to access these features (direct mode), but VTech recommends setting it up in router mode (with wifi) to ensure a stable connection and clear video/audio. 

Additionally, you can download an app to use your phone or tablet as the video monitor. The app also allows you to track your baby’s sleep habits and watch a video feed of how your baby slept the night before. 

Key Features

Both products are packed with features, but some stand out more than others. 

Sleep Trainer

  • Equipped with more than 200 sounds (white noise, lullabies, music, and bedtime stories), plus the ability to record your own voice to soothe your little one. 
  • Several color settings, with the ability to adjust brightness for the ideal nightlight. 
  • The rechargeable battery makes it easy to move the soother from room to room without dealing with the cord. 
  • Option to set up a color routine to use as an “OK to Wake” clock when your child gets older. 

Baby Monitor

  • Clear picture that adjusts to the light in the room. 
  • Alerts parents (via device or handheld parent unit) if it detects the baby’s face is covered—whether with a blanket or for rollover protection. 
  • Easy navigation without reading through every word of the user manual (but the manual is comprehensive, should you want these details). 
  • At under $250, it’s a reasonable price when you consider its many features compared to similar products on the market.

Areas for Improvement

As with most baby gear, these products are not without any flaws. Each has a few things that I would change if given the opportunity. 

Sleep Trainer

  • Ease of use without the app; I wish it were much more straightforward to control the device without downloading an app. I think this would be difficult for a babysitter or grandparent to navigate if they weren’t familiar with the product. 
  • The projection feature on top of the device is fun, but the nightlight feature alone works well because it is much more practical and less stimulating for sleepy babies and kids.

Baby Monitor

  • Since this has to be mounted to the wall, it’s not portable. If you’re a family that likes to travel, you’ll need to purchase a second monitor. As someone whose kids regularly spend time at their grandparents’ house, this would be an inconvenient, added expense. 
  • It does not come with a camera stand to reposition the camera once the baby is out of the crib. Having a video monitor when your little one transitions to a toddler bed is imperative for ensuring they remain safe if they get out of bed and explore the room, and the wall-mounted design won’t work for this purpose.

Who Would Enjoy These Products

Overall, I absolutely recommend these products to a new parent in the market for a sleep trainer or video monitor for their baby. The over-the-crib monitor is an excellent option for parents who want to not only keep an eye on their baby while they sleep but also want all the extra intel about their sleeping habits. It is packed with features that are perfect for helping put new parents’ minds at ease. Additionally, the soother is an excellent option for parents whether they need a nightlight and sound machine for their baby, an OK to Wake clock for their toddler, or a fun, different way for their kiddo to hear some bedtime stories (these stories even put my 7-year-old to sleep). It’s a product that is certain to continue growing with a child—making it well worth the investment.