Rest room

By Published On: August 28th, 2018Tags: ,

Where you place the crib and what goes around (and inside) it requires some forethought, so you can rest well knowing your wee one is doing the same. Here are some things to consider when getting her nursery bed in order.

1| Feel free to decorate with pillows and plush toys, but pull them out of the bed before she goes in. It’s never safe to leave them in the crib with a sleeping tot, even if she’s still immobile.

2| Blankets are for supervised snuggling only. At bed-and naptime, the only thing in the crib should be a securely fitted sheet on a firm mattress. If an extra layer of warmth is needed beyond what your kiddo is wearing, opt for a wearable blanket.

3| Be sure that no potential climbing or reaching hazards are nearby. Your gal will be on her feet before you know it, so make sure dressers, windows and anything else that could become a hazard have been babyproofed.

4| If you hang art over the crib, take extra care to ensure it’s safely secured to the wall, particularly if it’s a heavy piece or in a frame. Same goes for the mobile—it should be both too high for little hands to grab and fastened extra tightly, so it doesn’t come crashing down on your tot.