Excuse me, please

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Take it in As infants gulp milk from bottle or […]

Take it in
As infants gulp milk from bottle or breast, they tend to swallow air right along with it, which can lead to discomfort and sometimes spitting up. Spending time on their backs can exacerbate the problem because it makes it tough for air bubbles to escape.

Let it out
To release the swallowed air, pause mid-feeding and post to burp bottle-fed babies in an upright position. Breastfed bambinos can be burped before switching sides (although they typically consume less air, so it may not be critical).

Give it time
If you encounter a belch that refuses to budge, don’t fret. It could be that it was so quiet you missed it, or it could be that a burp just wasn’t necessary this go-round. If your little one doesn’t seem uncomfortable in the 10 minutes following the feeding, you’re probably in the clear.



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