Bright young things

By Published On: May 1st, 2017

0-3 MONTHS With newbies, a little goes a long way. […]

With newbies, a little goes a long way.

Although he won’t be reaching for toys until around month four, your babe’s reflexes will allow him to grasp rattles and other small toys in his tiny hands. Use tummy time to his advantage and help him meet muscular milestones of lifting his head and shoulders and eventually rolling over.

This organic cloth pop is safe for mini mouths— and a treat for little ears, too.
Oh Just Dandy crinkle pop, $10

Bright StartsEntice tiny fingers to grab hold with a ring they can easily get a grip on.
Bright Starts rattle, $3  

Land of NodWhen the time is right, this strap-on rattle will help wee ones find their arms and legs.
The Land of Nod wristwatch rattle, $14

Manhattan1A squeaker, a teether, and textures, oh my! This colorful cube will be tough to tire of.
The Manhattan Toy Company activity cube, $20 

Wee GalleryStarkly contrasting colors are guaranteed to catch the attention of still-developing peepers. Wee Gallery nesting dolls, $38

Encourage tots to sit and stay awhile.

At this stage, your bub is ready to manipulate objects of all different shapes, sizes and materials. It’s a prime time to introduce blocks he can knock over and soft books he can flip through. These activities might seem like fun and games, but they’re also building dexterity.Soon your kiddo will likely cling to a favorite companion, so give him a side-kick you won’t mind sticking around.
Fink Toys plush, $46

Melissa & Doug1Ready your bitty bookworm for a lifelong love of reading (and let him practice turning pages) with a soft story to start.
Melissa & Doug activity book, $13

Fisher-Price1Tots love gazing at fellow babes … even if it is a familiar face.
Fisher-Price monkey mirror, $15

HABAAs those first teeth begin to sprout, look to a chewable choice to offer some relief.
HABA clutching star, $7

Uncle_GooseStack, topple and repeat with gusto!
Uncle Goose counting blocks, $22

Give a gentle push to those on the cusp of crawling.

Now that your stationary sweetie is preparing to get a move on, let playtime offer ample motivation and practice. Put a favorite toy just out of reach, and be amazed as he works to get to it. The best thing you can do to help your babe meet physical milestones is to provide opportunities to grow and explore.

BrimfulA wheely fun playmate is a surefire way to tempt babes to make a move.
Bajo push toy, $15

giggle1Build on baby’s depth perception and hand- eye-coordination with cleverly designed cups that forgo a center post.
giggle stacking cups, $10

My First FishbowlTeach your small-fry the concept of in and out with a toy he can fill and spill.
Lamaze fishbowl, $26

B Toys

From rolling to tossing to catching, your bambino will have a ball and then some.
B. Toys ball-a-baloos set, $12

Wonderworld1This classic peg and mallet toy (colored with natural botanical extracts) is sure to be a hit. Wonderworld endless pounder, $20

10-12 MONTHS
Turn playtime into teachable moments.

More complex toys are beginning to make sense to your little learner, and he’s figuring out how to use things for their intended purpose—whether it’s a pretend phone to call dada or a drum to make some noise. These new pursuits are also terrific for socializing and playing with others, something he’ll do more of in the months to come.

Petit CollageMusical instruments are a fun way to tune into fine motor skills—not
to mention your cutie’s creative side.
Petit Collage musical menagerie, $30

Kid O1Mimicking mom and dad will be high on your tot’s to-do list, so set the stage for imaginative play. (And don’t hesitate to pull up a chair!)
Kid O breakfast set, $25

JanodSupport tentative steppers with an adorable dog to walk.
Janod doggy cart, $60

Des Enfantillages1Let little minds figure out what goes where.
Des Enfantillages puzzle, $25

NobodinozA crash course in lessons of cause and effect.
nobodinoz bowling set, $67



By Chantel Newton