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As much as any mama loves an excuse to cuddle […]

As much as any mama loves an excuse to cuddle with her baby, it’s not always feasible for mom to be there ‘round the clock, ready to nurse. Whether you’re heading back to work, your partner wants to take a turn at feeding (and bonding more!) with baby, or you’ve hired a sitter for a much-deserved date night, there are lots of reasons to reach for a Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners—and plenty of benefits of doing just that.

Natural choice
Like mom’s breast, the pre-sterilized liner gently collapses as your baby feeds, which encourages baby to suck and swallow in a coordinated rhythm that mimics breastfeeding. That means your baby breathes more naturally during every mealtime, too.

Tummy troubles
The cleverly designed liner also reduces the likelihood of colic and gas for your baby. Because it collapses as it empties, air bubbles won’t mix with milk and make their way into tiny tummies. Less bubbles equals less discomfort—now that’s the kind of math all moms like.

For better beginnings
When it comes to choosing top-notch products for your child, it’s easy for any parent to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. Skip the trial-and-error process, and choose a brand you can trust right from the start. For over 50 years, Playtex has been committed to understanding what’s most important to both moms and babies, giving moms and babies exactly what they both need for better beginnings right from the start.

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