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Pregnancy & Newborn has partnered with Ask Mom to give brands and moms the opportunity to connect. 

Have you ever used a product and thought, I know what could make this so much better, I wish I could tell the company? Well, that’s the idea here. Even great products need feedback to make them greater.

First, sign up for your free product sample box (with free shipping 🙌). Get your box, use your box, keep your box! We’ll be in touch to collect your feedback, and then share it directly with the company. When we say your opinion matters, we mean it. Because when you need timely, trusted and true advice, you Ask Mom.

Insider Tip: We expect these boxes to get scooped up pretty quickly. If you missed this one, don’t worry—we have quarterly sign-ups, and we’ll send you a reminder so you can score the next one.

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Ask Mom is a community of expectant and new moms using their collective voice to improve the products and services their families rely on every day. Facilitating surveys, interviews, and product testing, Ask Mom helps bring real feedback about products back to the brands, with the ultimate goal of building better products and services for moms.