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First Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Celebrating this extra special day with a new baby in tow? Since you’ve been busy becoming a first-time mom, we’ve put together a treat sheet to hand off to those who wish to celebrate you with more than a Mother's Day card and Amazon gift card—although we fully support this, too.

Labor room lingo

From APGAR to vernix and everything in between, find the words you’ll need to know come birth day in our delivery dictionary.

Best Foods for Morning Sickness—and How to Keep Them Down

How can a mama-to-be keep up her nutrition when morning sickness has her feeling sick as a dog and barely able to stomach bland carbohydrates? Follow these food and wellness tips to get you through the worst of it with the most nutritional value added.

Fashion & Beauty

Our mama muses offer advice that will help you feel and look good throughout pregnancy—and after!

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