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In the teens

The pregnancy countdown is in the teens. Well, technically it was in the teens last Wednesday. Semantics. He’s in a good downward position, heartbeat sounds good, weight right on par with the first two. When he finally decides he really … Continue reading

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Week 30: The one with the vaccines

Hey—I made it to the third trimester! (I realize I’m two weeks behind in this recognition, but you may understand why when you read about what I’ve been dealing with in that time.) Two weekends ago, our 5-year-old came home … Continue reading

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Baby sniffles

All of us managed to catch colds last week, so we spent a lot of our time indoors trying to recover. Anaïs was the first to get a case of the sniffles, but after a lot of vitamin C and … Continue reading

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Bug before baby

With morning sickness, fatigue and swollen ankles, pregnancy can really throw a body off. But when nausea turns into a full-blown stomach bug or exhaustion leads to the flu, it’s not just your health that you need to worry about—the … Continue reading

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