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Why the crying?

I get that Austin might get upset because he’s hungry or needs a new diaper or just has a little gas. Those things would make me want to cry, too. He can’t communicate besides crying or cooing or smiling or just chilling out, so … Continue reading

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Excuse me please

Take it in As infants gulp milk from bottle or breast, they tend to swallow air right along with it, which can lead to discomfort and sometimes spitting up. “This is exacerbated by the fact that babies spend so much … Continue reading

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7 ways to soothe a fussy baby

When baby starts a-wailing, it’s easy to lose your grip on coherent thought. But before you plunge headlong into a panic, scroll down the list of obvious fixes: Does babe have a dirty diaper? Is she hot or cold? Is … Continue reading

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Burping your baby

You should burp your baby every 2 ounces or so if you’re bottle-feeding, or when you swap breasts if you’re nursing. Prop baby on your shoulder, lay him across your legs, or hold him in a well-supported seated position in … Continue reading

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The top 7 things every mom should know

1. How to swaddle a baby. You know how your little guy is all snuggled up in your belly with no room to wiggle or move? He actually really likes that. So once he’s entered the planet, all free to … Continue reading

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How to burp a baby

You wouldn’t think that something as simple as a burp would be a big deal. You feed baby, pat-pat-burp, and you’re done, right? Well, not always. Burping a baby can be a lot tougher than you might think, and the … Continue reading

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