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Week 29: Hello, third trimester!

So, I’m in my third trimester already. That came up out of nowhere. What’s worse is that my friend had to point it out to me. I’m always a stickler for monitoring time, but somehow, this pregnancy has made me … Continue reading

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Third trimester terror: The birth of Gabriella

The final days of my pregnancy were not filled with joy and excitement as one would expect; they weren’t even filled with the typical anxiety and fear that comes with the thought of labor.  I should have been worried about … Continue reading

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Sleeping with my husband

Sleeping with my husband is never boring. (Sorry, Dad.) I believe this is because he’s always so on top of keeping our nighttime relationship fresh and exciting. His way of thinking hasn’t stopped even with this bowling ball-like protrusion where … Continue reading

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Ready for baby

We are at that stage. I just tied my wife’s shoes. She cannot wait to stop working. We are less than two weeks from the due date, and we are ready for this baby to be here. My wife is … Continue reading

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Z’s 37-week baby prep

Since the news of our little guy being footling breech, I’ve had over a week to internalize that a c-section may very well be in my imminent future. In the meantime I’ve been doing the best I can to get … Continue reading

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Almost there

In the last weeks of gestation, baby’s development is nearly complete, but your healthy-eating duties are far from over. With diminished stomach space, predelivery jitters, and a mile-long to-do list, expectant moms may be tempted to slack off on healthy … Continue reading

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