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Is this how it’s supposed to feel?

I remember when I was pregnant I would imagine holding my baby and how it would be. The happiness, the calm, the contentment that seemed to radiate from new moms—I knew that was going to be me soon. It made … Continue reading

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I’ve been debating whether or not to write about what you’re about to read for quite some time. But I decided to be honest and authentic to myself and to motherhood and mothers everywhere. This is “Adventures in Motherhood,” isn’t … Continue reading

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Learning the ropes

For months—and then weeks, and then days—on end, I looked eagerly at my due date, circled in bold ink on the kitchen calendar. Especially as that date drew nearer, it began to seem like the X on a treasure map, … Continue reading

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Dealing with depression

Throughout pregnancy, you eagerly anticipated your bundle of joy, imagining days spent picnicking at the park and visiting with friends during playdates. Now that baby is here, however, you can barely drag yourself out of bed, let alone muster up … Continue reading

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Mom down

When Joanna Goddard returned home two years ago after spending an idyllic Christmas vacation with her husband and then 8-month-old son, something felt off. She was suddenly anxious and exhausted but had trouble sleeping at night. “I’d always had baby … Continue reading

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Natalie Grant opens up about postpartum depression

Christian rocker Natalie Grant has sure been having a busy summer! The mom-of-three is getting ready to release a new album in October called Hurricane, which tells the story of how she “found the light” after dealing with postpartum depression. Natalie opens up to Celebrity … Continue reading

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