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Week 13: The “is she pregnant, or just overweight” stage

I know that every pregnancy is different, but that doesn’t stop me from making ridiculous comparisons, like Googling belly bump pictures at 13 weeks to see how my body measures up. Like I said, I know that is ridiculous, and … Continue reading

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Sick-as-a-dog days

You’ve heard you should up your calories while pregnant, but downing anything at all sounds like a cruel form of torture right about now. How can you overcome the nonstop nausea and nourish your body and your baby? Begin by … Continue reading

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Worth waiting for: The birth of Leo

Leo Robert Coghill entered this world Tuesday, February 25 at 10:09 p.m. He was 8 pounds, 21 inches long and the sweetest baby from the instant they laid him on my chest. But let’s start at the beginning … I … Continue reading

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Week 23: Keeping it real

I need to share this. I threw up out of my nose the other night. My husband made a lovely dinner: slow-cooked chicken in a homemade BBQ sauce on a fresh ciabatta bun, served alongside fresh grilled vegetables. It was … Continue reading

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Win it: Psi Bands

Congratulations to our winners;  Ruby, Samantha, Daniel, Chrissy and Lana. Invented by a fellow mom who wanted to relieve her debilitating severe morning sickness, Psi Bands (pronounced “sigh” bands) are the only stylish, drug-free and FDA-cleared wristbands available for the … Continue reading

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Ask the experts: Morning sickness

I’m in my first trimester and suffering from terrible morning sickness. Are there any natural ways to ease my nausea? Natural approaches are effective for many women who experience this very common problem of pregnancy. The natural options for helping … Continue reading

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Week 11: Throw out the bathwater

You know, there are some days when pregnancy and motherhood turn life completely topsy-turvy. Last Tuesday was one of those days for me. Before the events of that morning happened, I was fully prepared to complain to you tell you … Continue reading

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