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My husband and I held hands as we anxiously awaited the news of whether our fourth baby would be a girl or a boy. As the doctor spread the sticky jelly across my stomach and began to rub the ultrasound wand across, I … Continue reading

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Double the fun: The birth of Aubree and Riley

This was my first pregnancy, and I was blessed to be having twin girls. I was at 30 weeks and was getting all the last details done. On February 11 I hadn’t been feeling well at all that day, and as … Continue reading

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Ask the Experts: Raising twins

Q: I’m a new mom to twins and have no idea what I’m doing. Have any practical tips? A: You’re part of an elite group of moms and dads of multiples—the special forces of parenthood. The intensity of the boot … Continue reading

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On the double

Are you still in “twin shock” after receiving the news? Or did you have an inkling that you might have two peas in your pod? Either way, you’re definitely not alone. The number of women giving birth to twins, triplets … Continue reading

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Crazy blessed: The birth of Evelyn and Elijah

There haven’t been many times in my life where I have been uncertain if I could keep going. Being pregnant with twins and reaching 38 weeks was a huge deal for me, so I couldn’t help but wallow in that … Continue reading

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