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I’ve been debating whether or not to write about what you’re about to read for quite some time. But I decided to be honest and authentic to myself and to motherhood and mothers everywhere. This is “Adventures in Motherhood,” isn’t … Continue reading

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Week 22: Soak, sip and sexual healing

I read something the other day that made me go, “What am I doing with my free time?!” I was reading about French parenting and how pregnancy is portrayed (in writing) as a nine-month retreat to the spa. Expectant moms … Continue reading

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Mommy the introvert

My wife is an introvert. She needs a certain amount of time to herself in order to “recharge.” Her emotional fuel tank eventually runs dry if she doesn’t have a chance to be alone and think and pray and rest. … Continue reading

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Healthy mentality

If you find yourself consuming an extra side of anxiety with that tasty pickle-and-peanut-butter sandwich (did we say balanced diet?), take note: Pregnancy is a prime time to begin meditating. Habitual meditation can ward off any worry you may have … Continue reading

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5 reasons to meditate today

Many moms-to-be swear by the benefits of the age-old art of meditation. Meditation seriously reduces stress levels, which goes beyond good mental and emotional health—stress can cause your body to deteriorate physically, too. It brings about a sense of peace. … Continue reading

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