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Choosing my choice

Prior to Rowan’s arrival, my game plan was to take a 12-week maternity leave and go back to work part-time in January. My job allowed me to work from home, so Arthur and I (mistakenly) thought I could do it … Continue reading

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Leavin’ is easy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of your life. But if you’re a working mama-to-be, there may be one cloud hanging over your head: talking to your boss about maternity leave. You know you’re going to have to … Continue reading

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My last show

It’s finally here—no not my due date. My last puppet show (at least for a while). Chad and I have had it marked out on the calendar for a couple of months now, and suddenly the day has arrived. One … Continue reading

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Shifting gears: Back to work after baby

When it came to making child care arrangements for our soon-to-arrive firstborn, my husband and I spent the third trimester dutifully following the advice of every tip sheet we could put our fingers on. We interviewed, we inspected, and we … Continue reading

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Maximize your maternity leave

If you’re a working mama-to-be, you’re probably used to multi-tasking. But throw a new baby into the mix and you’re suddenly faced with a whole new type of balancing act. With a few strategic preparations before you leave the office … Continue reading

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Easing back into work

I’ll fess up. I cried like a baby when I left my daughter in daycare for the first time, sobbing myself all the way to my office. While working, I thought of nothing but her, feeling as if in a … Continue reading

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