Pinch hitter

Reputable replacements for beauty ingredients not allowed on the pregnancy roster.
Produced by Erin Shea Long
Spot on

Instead of prescription acne meds, battle blemishes with a gentle yet effective face wash and spot treatment. 

Belli face care duo, $30

Deep clean

Swap the salicylic acid for pore strips that remove blackheads. 

Bioré refining strips, $8

Defy gravity

You won’t miss the benefits of wrinkle-fighting retinol thanks to this organic prickly pear seed oil that diminishes fine lines and promotes firmness. 

MUN smoothing serum, $95

Save face

Wanting to provide expectant women a safe alternative to the off-limits products in their makeup bags, OB/GYN and high risk pregnancy expert Vik Sachar, MD, launched a toxin-free makeup collection. From mineral foundation to lead-free lip gloss, your face has never looked so good.

V. Sachar MD makeup line, from $16

Color me impressed

Skip the harsh hair color chemicals, and touch up roots with a no-mess powder. 

Color Wow touch-up powder, $35

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