Dress code: Rugged

Written by: Lauren

Have you ever taken an outfit and translated it into a room? Today, I'm taking a rugged getup (for a baby, at least!) and morphing it into an equally rugged nursery. Want to see?

1. First, we have a golden yellow bunting with a fur hood. (Pretty stinking cute, right?) It makes me think of Alaska and, coincidentally, resonates with this Alaska license plate art.

2. These leather booties are a popular choice amongst babes—er, babes' moms—for their durability and comfort. Enter, a leather chair for the exact same reason. This one is a little distressed, but that's exactly the point: It wears well.

3. This gingham button down reminds me of a little guy playing in a tree house, perhaps telling ghost stories with his friends. I picked out a super cool, glowing house-shaped light to coincide. You can switch out the book roof with whatever baby's latest bedtime fave is. (Considering the checked shirt, I bet he picks a classic.)

4. Lastly, denim overalls seem to conjure up images of life on a country farm. Add a bear, and sleeping out out under the stars comes to mind. Of course, a rustic carved crib like this one seems the perfect fit.

Dress code: Rugged

Dress code: Rugged by pnmag on polyvore.com

Can you see the resemblance? Or do you think it's too much of a stretch? What kind of outfit would you like to see translated into a nursery?

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