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Adventures in Motherhood

I’m Ginny Butler, a mother of three (soon to be four) living in the Salt Lake City area. I love being a mom and seeing the world through my children’s eyes. If you ever ask me how I’m feeling, my honest answer most days will be, “Tired!” But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the beautiful outdoors here in the mountain west, taking trips whenever I get the chance, and planning little bits of fun into each day.

I’ve also had the honor of writing for P&N since 2008—best work family ever, and I still miss getting to see them all on the regular!

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Hi! I’m Kaleen, a photographer and mother of two (soon to be three). I live in Atlanta in a fixer-upper with a never ending list of renovation projects waiting to be finished. When I’m not helping my husband on the house, I’m making messes with my own kids, watching other people’s kids or photographing families. When I used to have more energy at the end of the day, I would spend my time cooking and knitting, but for now I’m just accumulating recipes and patterns on Pinterest.

You can follow more of our chaos on Instagram or on my blog

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My name is Lauren, and I am happily married to my favorite person, Matt. We are fun-loving people raising the most lovable baby girl, Bellamy. Our life together has always been exciting and filled with trial, some error and lots of adjustment. That still rings true today, as we are expecting our second baby later this year! Follow along with me and my people, as we build our beautiful life together and document the good times, the hard times and all the real moments in-between.

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Dad's Eye View

Stephen is husband to a wife he claims is way out of his league, and they have a baby girl who keeps them laughing every day (with Baby No. 2 on the way!). He watches “Planet Earth” almost every weekend and is confident he could live off nothing other than milk, cereal, and asparagus.

Despite a demanding job, he does his best to be involved at home by spending as much time with his daughter as possible and by changing all diapers on the weekends to make up for the ones he misses during the week. Since becoming a dad, words like “cute” and “adorable” have become a permanent part of his vocabulary, and he is not ashamed to use them.

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Knocked Up

Hey, friends! My name is Kate. I’m a practically-native Texan who has been married to my favorite husband for two years. I graduated from the University of Texas in 2012 with a BFA in Studio Art that I now put to use every. single. day. (*wink*) in my career as a Medicare Insurance specialist. I have an almost 8-year-old stepson (you read that right, he is most definitely not 7, he is “almost 8!”) and am currently pregnant with our first us-baby. We have three dogs, two cats and eight chickens that all fit snugly at our 107-year-old home in the cutest historic neighborhood you ever did see.

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Hi, there! I’m Angie … wife, baker, DIY-er, dog mom and first-time human-grower. A lover of all things coffee, cake, doughnuts, Joanna Gaines and Pinterest … you can usually find me crafting, blogging, baking or in the drive-thru at Dunkin’ Donuts. My husband, James, and I are high school sweethearts who’ve found a home in a quaint fixer-upper in western Pennsylvania. Together, we’re taking on this crazy life one fixer-upper, one project and one child at a time. Just kidding—like most others, we find ourselves doing a million things at once and simply hoping for the best!

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