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Adventures in Motherhood

In high school, Charli North never imagined that she’d ever be surrounded by boys. Now she’s happily outnumbered by her husband, son, and dog. They live in Chicago.

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Tonilyn has always preferred writing in her room to playing kick-ball outside. Her essays have been published in various regional and national magazines and papers, and for over three years, she was a favorite and featured blogger for Skirt! national magazine. Her first book How to Raise a Husband is being released April 1st (no foolin’) of 2014. (You can pre-order it now on Amazon!) Tonilyn lives in LA with her two smart Border Collies, her one sassy kitty, her one supportive husband, her one new baby boy, and never enough closet space. You can find her at her website (which sadly does not make ice cream) at www.tonilynhornung.com

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Dad's Eye View

Thomas Rogers is a first-time father living in San Diego. He has a career in social services, a knack for embarrassing himself publicly, and an extremely patient wife. They had their first baby in April. Thomas writes about his son’s adventures on his blog, Awkward Story.

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Knocked Up

Lindsey Henke is a baby loss mom, writer, and clinical social worker.  She is currently pregnant with baby No. 2, a bittersweet blessing as baby No. 1, her first child and daughter Nora, was stillborn at 40 weeks after a PERFECT pregnancy. Even with her worries about expecting again, Lindsey is excited to move into the next part of her healing journey – pregnancy after loss.  She does this by holding onto hope that each day she is one day closer to bringing home a bundle of love in her arms instead of a hole in her heart. She finds strength and joy in each moment of this journey through the support from her best friend and husband, Nick, along with daily cuddles from her furry shih tzu, George. She writes about her journey through pregnancy after loss at Stillborn and Still Breathing.   She is also a monthly contributor to Still Standing, an online magazine for bereaved parents.

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Rachel Cashen, a Maryland native, lives with her husband in Baltimore, where she works in marketing communications for a private healthcare system. She and her husband Dan were married in August 2012, and they are thrilled to be expecting their first baby this October! Rachel is looking forward to summertime for its warm weather, weekend beach trips, flip flops, and eating seafood- namely, Maryland crabs! Email her anytime at rachelcashen@gmail.com.

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Samantha Darby Sollenberger is a freelance writer living in a real-life Mayberry town in Georgia. Married to her husband, David, she is also a stepmama to two incredible children, Chloe and Trey. (Yes, before you ask, Samantha does get along with their mom!) Samantha is a contributor for mom.me, a columnist for Work It, Mom! and has also had articles published with Babble and mamalode. She loves twinkle lights, classic television, and being an utterly disgusting morning person (Her husband hates this). She and her family of four will soon be a family of five with little baby Sollenberger due on July 31st! You can read more from Samantha at her personal blog, fairytangles.

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