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Thinking outside the toy box

If you’ve gone so far as to leave the hospital with your baby, you’ve already gotten the message (hopefully loud and clear): You are your baby’s favorite thing. Still, there’s such excitement around growing this little bundle into the happy, … Continue reading

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What you need to know about breastfeeding

The most common question that follows the ever-popular, “When are you due?” and “Do you know what you’re having?” is a prompt to begin a debate: “Are you going to breastfeed?” The dispute over breast vs. bottle has caused more … Continue reading

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Hair today, gone tomorrow

During pregnancy, it’s common for your tresses to feel fuller than they did before you were with child. That’s because increased estrogen levels lengthen the growth stage of hair, reducing the amount of strands you shed and leaving you with … Continue reading

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Calm down

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Nourish that noggin

Looking to raise a little genius? Put down that cookie, and pick up some walnuts. It turns out, what you eat throughout pregnancy influences baby’s brain development, an amazing process that begins at just five weeks gestation and continues into … Continue reading

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February 2014 Free Stuff

We have more than $2,500 worth of fabulous freebies up for grabs in our February issue! Click on each image to enter for your chance to win that prize. You can enter all contests daily. Contest closes February 28th, 2014. … Continue reading

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Make the team

Although Brian Weisner took prenatal classes with his wife, Sarah, before she went into labor last spring, he still felt nervous walking into the hospital to meet their son, Ethan. He tried to stay calm, but as a first-time parent, … Continue reading

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