Who is responsible for this baby?

Written by: Christopher Spicer August 21 2012 For the first few months, everyone remarked on how much Everett looked like me. It got to the point I worried for my son’s future (and head of […]

Written by: Christopher Spicer

For the first few months, everyone remarked on how much Everett looked like me. It got to the point I worried for my son’s future (and head of hair). Lately people have been saying that Everett is beginning to take physical traits from both of us. It got me thinking what traits of Everett have been adopted from daddy and what other traits are more similar to mommy.

Everett has a habit of getting 45% of his food on his face, and typically sprays another 10% for laughs. Looking down at my shirt, I’d say this is an easy daddy trait.

When there was work being done on our deck, Everett loved to stare outside and had the biggest smile while watching a friend work away with power tools. Everett also loves to take his toys and swing away as if hammering an invisible nail. Who did he get this love of building and using tools from? Well, when Everett was staring, he was being held by me, and Emily was outside helping with the deck.

One of Everett’s favourite places in the world is in his Jolly Jumper. If he isn’t in his jumper, then he is just as happy to jump in your arms until your muscles become goo. I have a habit of rocking back and forth when I’m writing (or talking or eating or watching TV or being awake), but I will stay still—if you chain me to my chair. . . maybe.

The moment we lay a tired Everett down in his crib, he will immediately turn to his side. Even if he is already asleep, he still finds a way to roll to his side. Emily almost always sleeps straight on her back, while I grab a pillow and assume the fetal position. Another point for daddy (oh, you didn’t know I was scoring this thing?).

Every time people meet Everett when he is in a good mood, they instantly remark, “What a beautiful, baby. What a gorgeous smile!” This obviously came from my gorgeous wife (yeah, yeah, I know she reads this column).

Everett has legs that resemble trunks of tiny trees. My legs are probably one of the only athletic looking parts of my body. My wife is an athlete and is a great biker and sprinter. We’ll declare this one a tie.

Everett loves making strange noises that then cause him to burst into laughter. I often stand by the belief that if no one else will laugh at my joke then I need to.

If Everett is near a desk or table that even has just one thing on it, he will grab the object, examine it, and then taste it. Everett believes all objects have been made to be grabbed, and the best way to use them is to put them in his mouth. If I’m not busy writing or being an incredibly witty person, I pass the time with Everett’s approach to life.

What are some of the things your little cherub has adopted from you and your partner?

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