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As I enter into my third month of motherhood, I’m […]

untitledAs I enter into my third month of motherhood, I’m realizing that I’ve kinda gotten the hang of this whole “mommy thing.” OK, I can’t even say that with a straight face, but I DO feel like my life isn’t in shambles at the moment. Routines have been made, I shower every day, and sleep is no longer a precious commodity.
Even though everything seems to be going smoothly, there’s still one thing missing from my life: mom friends.
When I was pregnant with Lily, I didn’t think I would have the time nor the desire to make new friends after she was born. I have her dad, two dogs, a handful of girlfriends, and my family. How could I find the time for anyone else?
Well, I was wrong. I want mom friends! You know, the kind of friends you can go to for advice and commiserate with over spilled breast milk. My current group of friends are great, but I can see their eyes slowly start to gloss over whenever I bring up sleep training or gush about Lily’s small, yet incredible, milestones. “She grabbed my hair today! She watched the dog walk across the room! She’s chewing on her hands!” You catch my drift …
Making new friends in your late-20s is hard enough; now stipulate that they must have kids, and the pickings are slim. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but it certainly feels like it will be a challenge. I’m a homebody by nature, so going out of my way to put myself in new situations in an attempt to make friends seems like a daunting task. In fact, I’m having flashbacks to my days at the playground, “Hi, my name’s Alexandra! What’s your name? How old are you? Do you want to be my friend?!” Cue the anxiety!
untitled2And as if my own worries weren’t enough of an obstacle, my maternity leave just ended, so my free time is limited. I’ve been lurking on a few mommy Facebook groups, and it seems like the majority of these get-togethers happen on weekdays. I can understand that, though. I’m sure most women probably want to spend the weekends with their families, but where does that leave us working mamas? Surely there are other women like myself who wouldn’t mind chatting over a cup of coffee or hitting up a park for an hour or two on the weekends.
I guess I underestimated all of the challenges that come with parenthood. I seriously thought all of my problems would actually involve my baby. Oh, how naive I was!

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