There is more to the world than breast milk

Written by: Christopher Spicer July 10 2012 Everett recently turned 6 months old, and we decided the best way to celebrate was to introduce solid food. Everett has been sucking back an ocean’s worth of […]

Written by: Christopher Spicer

Everett recently turned 6 months old, and we decided the best way to celebrate was to introduce solid food. Everett has been sucking back an ocean’s worth of breast milk, which we’re attributing to the “growing baby” syndrome. Emily apparently doesn’t enjoy spending her entire day on the couch while Everett sucks away. We wanted to introduce solids in hopes it would fill him up more, and the 6-month point seemed to be the best time to make the transition.

Apparently, chicken wings and sirloin steaks are not the best starter foods for babies. Instead, Emily decided we’d begin with the cereal that has been sent to us from various baby food companies. The advantage of being new parents is that somehow every baby company in the known universe finds out you have newborn, and so they send a constant stream of samples. We were able to try out the cereal, and not feel we wasted loads of cash after Everett spits it back into our faces.

Everett’s first cereal feeding was a major event that inspired me to finally whip out the video camera and take a horde of pictures. The hope was that he’d be a fan of this new food, even if to me it was one of the most unappealing forms of food I’d ever seen. Though, if he shot a glob of the cereal back into Emily’s eye, it would also be very video worthy. We weren’t sure how he’d respond, because we’ve known a few babies that did not appreciate the foreign food their parents tried to shove down their gullet, and instead performed a tearful rendition of “All I Want is My Mommy’s Breast Milk” (I hear it was a chart topper in Germany).

Emily plopped a spoonful of cereal in Everett’s mouth, and we all waited to see if he’d fire it back out. He seemed to stop to ponder about what had just invaded his mouth, and then opened up his mouth wide. The cereal was a hit. Everett would stretch out his neck like a baby bird, so that he could trap in his mouth the spoon and the contents of goodness. Though, we did cheat, and put in some mashed banana the first time around.

We soon realized that apparently it is best to not introduce banana right away. We decided it would be his 6 month birthday present, but then just stick to cereal for the next few weeks. It seems that Everett doesn’t miss the banana, and has become a big fan of his twice a day cereal feedings. Summit, on the other hand, misses the fact his favourite fruit isn’t in easy snatching distance.

Everett has quickly adapted to the cereal feeding routine. He now knows to open his mouth wide for the spoon. At this point, he seems to believe the spoon is a magical object that produces tasty items at will. During the feedings, I’ll often successfully get several globs of cereal around Everett’s mouth and on his cheeks. I’ll try to use the spoon to scrap off the excess cereal but Everett will try to nab the spoon with his mouth the entire time. This usually means his face ends up becoming a bigger mess, but at least, it gives me the important photos to present in his future wedding slide show.

Everett has also learned that mommy and daddy sitting at the table means they likely have food. He’ll now eagerly watch as we eat our dinner, and give a look like he is wondering when it will be his turn. So, now we get the privilege of both the dog and baby begging at the table.

I’m glad Everett has become a fan of solid foods, and he didn’t have any trouble adapting to something other than breast milk. At his current pace, I’m sure he’ll be chomping down chicken wings by the end of August.

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