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Written by: Lesley Graham January 15 2013 When you have […]

Written by: Lesley Graham

When you have a new baby, those first few weeks are all about bonding and survival. Round the clock feedings, taking care of littles ones, and changing countless diapers are ultra distracting. However, after the haze of sleepy days and nights clears, you become acutely aware that you’ve been neglecting yourself. That bun on top of your head no longer seems “on trend,” those maternity jeans you’re still rocking become depressing, and pizza three times a week suddenly doesn’t seem like a great idea. Not to mention that there are an embarrassing amount of days in the week where you aren’t changing out of your pajamas and your shirt is constantly milk stained. Enter “The Frump.”
Now that Phoebe is two months old, we’re getting a little more sleep and eating healthy is back on the radar. I’ve been making an effort to stay ahead of my littles. This means getting up at the crack of dawn to get dressed, brush my teeth, and for the love put on a little makeup. I feel more confident starting the day like this, it gives me a slight sense of control and I won’t be mortified if someone pops by unannounced. I know that I have to give my body time to recover and I’m excited to start adding exercise back into the mix. My butt could really use a break from the couch.

Finding clothes that make me feel put together has been challenging, but I’m not giving up. My uniform these days is a v-neck or other nursing friendly top with a pretty scarf (also hides stains!) and stretchy skinny jeans. I like the inexpensive skinny jeans from Target. Since I’m still losing the baby weight I don’t want to invest in pricey denim. I’ve also been alternating fun flats with bean boots and I think it’s kind of working for me.
What are your favorite post-pregnancy outfit go-tos?
top: boob design/ scarf: madewell/ jeans: mossimo/ flats: jcrew

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