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By Published On: May 14th, 2013
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Parks can be a mom’s best friend. The trees, the […]

Parks can be a mom’s best friend. The trees, the benches, the swings … the perfect place to kill a few hours on a pretty afternoon. Before you head out of the house for a day of carefree fun, though, make sure you have the essentials.

  • Something to drink for both you and baby. Stay hydrated!
  • A sun hat for baby, because that little noggin will turn red in a hurry.
  • Sun protection. These wipes are awesome. (And they really work!)
  • A small cooler or lunchbox to keep snacks chilled.
  • Baby wipes—your baby will touch everything, and nature can get pretty grimy.
  • A stroller to help you cart all your gear (and your baby, of course).
  • A waterproof blanket: Spread it out under a tree and hang out with your babe for awhile. It’s guaranteed fun and amusement!

Park it

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