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You see the two pink lines on the test, and […]

You see the two pink lines on the test, and after the initial “OMG!” shock, your thoughts might turn to when to tell friends and family. But what about making it social media public? Some women use Facebook, Twitter or a blog to make the big reveal, whereas others choose to lay low on the web, sharing only a photo of their newly born babe after all is said and done. Times certainly have changed since our moms became moms.
Here are some of the funny/clever/touching ways some of our fans on Facebook have made their announcement “Facebook official.”
• Making their ultrasound picture their profile. (The classic move.)
• Sharing a photo of their husband holding his belly like a pregnant woman with the caption, “We’re expecting!” (This one requires partner participation.)
• Changing their profile picture to a photo of an older sibling wearing a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister”shirt. (For the aww factor.)
• Uploading an image of a sticky bun in an oven with a toothpick sign on top stating the month and year the baby is due. (Witty, clever and to the point.)
• Making the status in their news feed read:”II” (Meaning two lines. For the woman who wants to be mysterious.)
• Sharing a picture of a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce. (Mmm … spaghetti.)
• Captioning a photo of the a four-person family on a trip to Disney World “Plane tickets to Disney for four people:$1000 … hotel for 4 nights: $500 … knowing there are actually five people in this photo = Priceless!” (Two commercials and an announcement in one!)
• Putting up a pic of the pregnancy test. (We hope they washed it off first.)
How did you share the news on the web for all your friends (and coworkers and high school classmates and second cousin once removed) to see?

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