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Making smart snacking selections will leave you filled with nutritional […]

Making smart snacking selections will leave you filled with nutritional goodness instead of empty calories.
healthywomanDon’t: ice cream
Do: frozen yogurt
Instead of digging into your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s, stop by your local ice cream parlor for a cup of soft-serve frozen yogurt, a healthier choice. Boasting half the fat, fewer calories and a lot less cholesterol, it makes for a delicious, calcium-rich cool treat.
Don’t: french fries
Do: baked potato chips

Yes, we know how tempting a bag of fast food fries can be, but instead of going for the grease, reach for a snack-sized bag of baked potato chips to satisfy your salty craving. Aside from dodging nearly twice the calories and a whopping 13 grams of fat, the baked chips, unlike the fries, are also free of saturated and trans fats
Don’t: chocolate
Do: chocolate milk
In light of your increased need for calcium while expecting, you should take advantage of any chance you get to incorporate milk into your diet. Next time you’re jonesing for some chocolate, mix up a glass of chocolate milk rather than scarfing down a Snickers bar. But if you absolutely can’t resist a genuine piece of chocolate, stick with the darker variety—it’s full of antioxidants—and limit yourself to a 1-ounce piece.
Don’t: apple pie
Do: a glazed doughnut
Believe it or not, a glazed doughnut has half the fat and calories of a slice of apple pie, not to mention a lot less sugar. The key here is to not overindulge on the doughnuts—don’t have more than one or two, and make a nod to your health by choosing doughnuts that are whole wheat—many bakeries offer them, and they’re surprisingly tasty.
Don’t: pizza
Do: quesadilla
It’s undeniable that pizza delivery is super convenient, but it’s worth your while to trade in your Domino’s for a healthy quesadilla. Stuff a flour (or whole wheat) tortilla with part-skim or soy-based mozzarella cheese and then add your choice of good-for-you fillings—grilled chicken, spinach, onions and peppers are all healthy picks. Just fold your tortilla in half, pop it in the oven until it’s nice and gooey and enjoy a filling, cheesy snack you won’t regret the next day.
Don’t: oatmeal raisin cookie
Do: oatmeal raisin granola bar
Although a serving of the cookies has about as many calories as the granola bar, the granola has significantly less fat, gives you more energy, and will keep you fuller longer than the cookies. Most granola bars are also a good source of whole grain and fiber, whereas the cookies, which are primarily made from refined flour, are defeated on both counts.

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