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The Nap-Sac by Lilly Gold functions as a diaper bag, […]

The Nap-Sac by Lilly Gold functions as a diaper bag, changing station and newborn travel bed—talk about bang for your buck!
LillyGoldNapSacIt’s a heavy-duty, durable 3-in-1 item that solves all kinds of logistical mom problems. (I mean really, how else could you carry a diaper bag, changing station and travel bed over one shoulder?)
As a bag, the Nap-Sac zips up with six large, accessible pockets on the outside. Among the pockets, one has waterproof lining and two feature pockets-within-pockets. They’re big enough to hold all kinds of loot, but not so big that you’ll lose the little items.
As a napping station, the Nap-Sac folds out into a rectangular bed with four short walls to contain your little one. The setup is not extremely sturdy, so it’s probably best for a new baby who isn’t yet wiggling around, climbing and reaching. The Nap-Sac includes two waterproof, interchangeable sheets for quick changes, and there’s an additional waterproof pad beneath. I, for one, appreciate that the outer pockets are still accessible even when the Nap-Sac is in bed mode.
As a changing station, the Nap-Sac takes the napping position, but the shorter walls can zip down for easy access. The diapers-and-wipes-filled pockets are easy to reach, and the sheet can be quickly moved out of the way so you can keep it clean during changes.
Overall, the Nap-Sac is a very usable no-frills item that’s bound to make any new mom’s life a little easier!
Price: $70
Buy it: Lilly Gold

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