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I’ve been lucky in the carrier department and have received […]

I’ve been lucky in the carrier department and have received several to review since my little guy was born earlier this year.
But my favorite so far is definitely the lillebaby EveryWear. It’s comfortable, easy to use, and extremely versatile. And best of all, my husband and I can both use it with no problem, since it isn’t sized.
lillebaby-EveryWear-Organic-FrontFacingOut2-LR_0This carrier can be used four different ways (which means I’ll be utilizing it for the next couple of years—nice!). Here are the different positions:
1) Front inward facing: Just like it says, the carrier is used on your front, and your baby is facing in toward you, chest to chest. This position is great for small babies and can be used until your little one reaches 25 lbs.
2) Front outward facing: Once your baby can support his head, you can turn him around so he can watch the world from his snug spot on your chest. This position is also an option to the 25 lb mark.
3) Hip: From 15 to 43 lbs (43! My 5-year old nephew only weighs 42!), you can use this carrier on your hip. It’s a great way to carry your little one without tying up your hands. (Although I’ve gotta say that 43 lbs would be heavy to carry around for a long period of time—it might come in handy occasionally, but I imagine I won’t use a carrier as often once my little one has hit 30 lbs or so.)
4) Back: My husband’s favorite is the back carry, which can be optimized once your little guy can sit independently (around 6 months typically) and can be used up to 43 lbs.
A few things that I love about the lillebaby EveryWear: The wide waistband (for added comfort and support), how lightweight it is, the zipper pockets on the front (perfect for your keys and cell phone), and the removable cotton hood that covers baby for sun protection. It is made of a wind and water repellant microfiber that is super soft, both inside and out. After a few tries with the carrier, I had easily figured out how to effortlessly move my baby in and out, and we’ve already given it quite a workout: It’s come in handy everywhere from Target to the beach in the time we’ve had it.
It’s also worth noting that this carrier’s ergonomic design balances your little one’s weight, which prevents your back or shoulders from carrying the brunt of the baby weight burden and becoming strained. Combined with the Gentle Motion Suspension System, which absorbs the weight and movement of your baby, the EveryWear provides a truly comfortable fit that doesn’t wear you down in a short period of time.
Price: $120
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