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Lalapanzi is Zulu for “a place to sleep” and that’s […]

Lalapanzi is Zulu for “a place to sleep” and that’s exactly what a Lalapanzi travel bed provides.
LalapanziBedsA sort of plush Moses basket, this portable bed offers a cozy place for baby to rest on the road. It’s suede exterior and super soft interior are sewn into an oval shape, a design that is intended to simulate the womb and create a haven for weary babes. My little one snuggled right into her new bed and looked so sweet as she slumbered away.
Aside from its appealing aesthetic and superior craftsmanship, the Lalapanzi travel bed is quite practical too. It’s significantly less bulky than a traditional play yard and weighs in at just 5 pounds. It folds in less than 10 seconds and stores fairly compactly. (A separate travel bag made to fit the folded bed is available for an additional $55.) These qualities make it a breeze to pack up and throw in the back of the car, or even to stuff into a duffel bag and carry through the airport. It comes without the bells and whistles of some other play yards (like changing tables or mobiles or nature sounds), but is a lightweight, convenient and effective on-the-go sleep solution.
Of course, its use doesn’t just have to be limited to vacation time. The bed is constructed to fit inside a standard crib, creating a snugger sleep space for little ones. Using the bed at home also allowed my baby to become accustomed to it, so she wasn’t thrown off by the unfamiliar hotel cribs or strange cots while we were gallivanting across the world. Its portability also makes it a great spot for naptime, so baby could snooze by my side while I worked from my home office and at the park during our family picnic.
The beds are available in two sizes, small (suitable for babies up to 6 months who are less than 27 inches tall and weigh less than 17 pounds) and large (suitable for babies up to 1 year old who are less than 32 inches tall and weigh less than 22 pounds); plus they come in lots of fun color combinations, so you can coordinate with the nursery if you so choose. Stay tuned for their new organic and 100% cotton lines coming soon!
Price: from $165
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