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I had the pleasure of meeting one of the creators […]

KiindeKoziiI had the pleasure of meeting one of the creators of the kiinde kozii last year, and was impressed with his product even before I had the chance to try it out myself. Both he and his business partner are MIT grads in engineering, and once they became dads, they put their brains to use for the baby gear market, developing a bottle warmer that worked with circulating warm water instead of high-temperature steam to safely heat breastmilk or formula in a bottle. So when I was presented with a chance to review the kozii, I jumped at it.
I’m a fan of gear that doesn’t come with 15 parts, and the kozii fits the bill. In the box is the main unit and that’s it. Simple and singular—things this mom of two (soon-to-be three) appreciates a great deal. The less counter space a contraption takes up, the better. It also has an uncomplicated “dummy-proof” outside, with one knob and the main chamber for filling with water.
The instructions are very easy to follow (and include helpful illustrations—score!) and consist of four steps. 1. Put the kozii on a flat surface and plug it in. 2. Add water. The amount of water needed is 1 and 3/4 cups, and here’s where I wish for one minor alteration to the kozii design—you have to measure the water out using your own measuring cup, and it would be great if there were something attached (I know, I know, another piece, and I just talked about how much I love the one-piece design—such a hypocrite!) that you could pop off that was a 1 and 3/4 cup measure. But what makes up for that is the fact that you really only have to measure that amount once in every 5-10 uses—the water can stay in the chamber and be reused until it becomes too low or until it’s time to change out the water for cleaning purposes. So, a very minor suggestion, but one to note. Once you’ve added the 1 and 3/4 cups of water, you will be able to tell the water level is accurate because of the helpful “FULL” and “EMPTY”indicators inside the chamber. 3. Insert your bottle and check the reference chart (located on the back of the instruction sheet)to determine how long to set the timer for. Turn the timer to the desired amount of time. This is when the neat part happens—the water in the chamber rises to the overflow hole (visible in the image above) and continuously runs out the back while warming, which gently heats the bottle as if you were holding it under warm tap water from a faucet. 4. After the predetermined number of minutes, the ticking stops and the water level recedes back to starting levels, indicating warming is complete. (Note:there is no beep or ding that alerts you that the warmer is done.) Remove your bottle, and voila! Baby’s meal is ready.
I found the liquid in the bottle to be at an ideal temperature after the warming process—there was no need to wait for the milk to cool down—it just seemed slightly warmer than body temperature. It was evenly heated (though I did swirl it, just to make sure, which the directions recommend) and ready to go 30 seconds after I removed it from the chamber.
Bottle warmers I’ve used in the past have incorporated the use of steam for heating, and I found that these warmers, while effective at heating, are not as reliable at even heating. The steam also created a bit of a concern for me while using them in the middle of the night (because who knows what I’m likely to accidentally touch or stick my hand in while in the midst of a 3 a.m. wake up!). The warm-water bath approach of the kozii is a great, gentle alternative to this method—and one that I highly recommend.

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