I hate food

Written by: Tracy

And I am not happy about it.

As a writer of pregnancy facts, I logically know that nausea is a natural part of gestation and that I should be prepared to experience it. But each day as I hover face-first over the toilet seat, I wonder if anyone can really ever expect (much less prepare) to feel this horrible.

The sad part comes from the very fact that I love food. And I mean love it. I will try anything, anywhere and at anytime. Bring on the calamari, hummus, rack of lamb, cheese balls, raspberries, etc. (Yum. Yum.) I don’t discriminate against any member of the five food groups and I fully believe a good night consists of great friends gathered around a great meal. It’s one of my favorite parts of life and a luxury I am not willing to forego without a fight.

But something is happening in my stomach that is causing me to detest even the basics. Just forget about eggs. Those are the worst. And chicken? I could not even eat a nugget right now if I wanted to. Disgusting. The only thing that I can mildly get down is grits with an occasional strawberry. Everything else makes me run straight to the bathroom in one flying leap. It’s not so much that I throw up that often, it’s more that I just feel like I am always going to. For weeks and weeks, my husband has been washing all of the dishes in our house because sadly, (or secretly, not so sadly) I have been unable to enter the kitchen without gagging. It all comes down to the fact that I really am starting to intensely dislike food. A fact that became vividly apparent to me when we were in New York City a few weeks ago for one of our best friend’s weddings.

It was quite honestly the most elaborate wedding I had ever attended and right up my alley—full of surprises, sparkly dresses, dancing and so much food that I thought for a second that I may have died and gone to buffet heaven. I soon realized the opposite might be true when my newly formed palette could only look and not taste the sensational dishes placed before me. All it took was the perfect placement of one fish (head still intact) to make me realize that I was in the throes of full on nausea brought on by all of those pesky rapidly changing hormones.

Like any good journalist, I turned to the facts. And from my research I found a glistening ray of hope—most nausea passes after the first trimester. A ray that was small (some women experience nausea for the duration of their pregnancies) but nevertheless, present. I thought, “Wow, this too shall pass.” (My new mantra!) I also found out that small, frequent meals are the best way to go, that you should try to avoid drinking and eating at the same time, and that ginger really is a lifesaver during this time of great need. My fingers are completely crossed that my stomach trials, as well as yours, will be short-lived. And to all of you mamas-to-be out there who aren’t experiencing nausea at all, thank your lucky stars and then, have a big whopping tomato and basil quiche just for me!

Lots of Love,


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