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After nine and a half months of waiting, it has […]

helen before hospitalAfter nine and a half months of waiting, it has finally happened. Our baby has joined us in the world, and as all parents say it changed my life in the very moment I first saw him. It has done it in a way that I am struggling to find the words to express (ironic being a writer), but all I can say is that I feel ‘fuller’ than I ever have, if that makes any sense?
But my gosh did he keep us waiting—13 days late in the end and being so late we had to be admitted into the hospital to be induced. This wonderful story of his birth is set over 48 hours. The first 24 hours there was nothing to report, no funny twinges of pain, no dilation at all, nothing. It seemed as if that first day lasted a week. However the next 24 became a whirlwind of chaos and movement and was over in a flash.
I’m guessing you’re wanting to hear about the second 24 hours aren’t you?
Well, on the second day I arrived at the hospital at 8 a.m. (as they sent me home 8 p.m. the night before) to find my partner timing a contraction. She had been doing it for the last few hours, and as they were irregular she didn’t seem to be too worried. I guess she was just glad it had begun. With each wave she focused on her breathing like she had learned in yoga and gently pushed through them. By 12 p.m. they were gathering speed and intensity, so she was examined to find she was 2 cm dilated! At that point they could have manually broken her waters but decided to see if nature (with some medicinal help) would take its course, so they left us in our room to continue doing what we were doing, gently breathing through the waves of contractions that kept coming like a stormy sea against a cliff face. Another two hours passed and my partner was really beginning to struggle, so we called for a midwife to see if we were any closer to being moved to the delivery ward (where they keep the stronger drugs!).
At this point I was a little worried we were going to be there for a long time going through the process of contracting, and as I had been told by everyone, first time mothers can take a long, long time to be in a position to be moved to delivery, where she could get hold of some gas and air to help. I could see she was really struggling and it had only been a few hours. What if it was to be like this for another 10?
However, that really wasn’t an issue.
The midwife examined her and looked back up to my partner with a shocked look on her face. Not only had she progressed from 2 cm, but she had also progressed to be fully dilated and ready to give birth.
I’m going to pause for a second to say that if my partner ever asks me to do the washing up or vacuum and iron some clothes, I’m not going to grumble. I’d now be too scared to, and here’s why: She managed to get to full dilation in two hours on only 2 Paracetamol and a bit of breathing technique, thus making her a ninja. I’m never going to mess with that.
Anyway …
After the midwife had composed herself once more from the shock we were all feeling all hell break loose. A wheelchair was whisked into the room, and as my partner stood her waters exploded. We were quickly ushered to another room where a team of people were waiting for us to bring him into the world …
However, the story doesn’t finish there. This is only part one … part two is to follow.

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