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As the Halloween season approaches, my wife and I continue […]

Rogers1009As the Halloween season approaches, my wife and I continue to narrow down baby costume options. We still plan on using more than one costume, but we have also accepted that buying a gazillion costumes is beyond feasibility. We lack the funds to afford numerous costumes, and Oliver would punch me in the face if I forced him to change his wardrobe four times in one night. He has a deceptively strong right hook, so I intend to avoid the punches.
We have settled on the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz as Oliver’s primary costume. We actually already bought the outfit, and yes, he will look adorable. We worry that he may struggle to get into character, however, given his tendency to growl.  He might not appear all that cowardly as he barks at trick-or-treaters and terrified parents.
Because of this, we have chosen a second costume that builds on our baby’s strengths. As I hinted in a previous post, Oliver will also be dressing as Chewbacca from Star Wars. He’s huge, he loves to growl, and his father will make a devastatingly handsome Han Solo. Perfect fit.
We plan on attending a few different parties, as this will provide multiple occasions to dress up and spend time with friends. I look forward to the festivities, but I’ll be the first to admit that I am nervous about Oliver’s reaction to holiday fun. Halloween simply offers too many variables. Every part of the holiday makes me nervous for him. If we give him costume props, he will eat them. If he is accidentally placed too close to candies, he will eat them. If he makes new friends, he will eat them. We really have to be aware of Oliver’s surroundings as he celebrates Halloween. If you happen to be trick or treating near my home, beware of the Wookie.

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