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I love the guzzie + Guss 401 rocker for many […]

GuzzieGusI love the guzzie + Guss 401 rocker for many reasons, and I would definitely recommend it to others as a must-buy/must-have!
For starters, there is no assembly required. So for those individuals who get annoyed putting parts together, no worries, this comes right out of the box ready for baby and her parents to enjoy. All you need to do is flip the legs of the rocker with a push of a button, and it is set for rocking. To position/recline the seat, all you need to do is just lift the lever behind the headrest and choose from the three recline positions. It secures from the bottom and you are set within seconds.
You can use this rocker from your baby’s newborn days all the way through the toddler years. It can be used up to 50 pounds! It isn’t cheap, but since it can be used for so long, it is a good investment.
At home, my little one naps in the rocker and she looks so comfortable! All that is needed is a gentle touch by my foot or hand. Although it’s technically a rocker, it serves the same purpose as a bouncer—the gentle motion is soothing to my little girl, and it’s one of the only places she will comfortably lounge so I can hang out with her older brother or take care of things around the house.
This is a very modern, stylish rocker. I love the color (we have the aqua) and craftsmanship, and I know I will enjoy having this for the next couple of years. Since it is a pretty simple design, I don’t think I’ll get tired of looking at it or having it hang around my living room.
Another great use for this rocker—especially if you have older kids as well—is its easy-go ability: Not only will we take it along on vacations and family visits, but it’s great for taking to her brother’s football and soccer games. Since it’s lightweight and folds down easily (like an ironing board), it isn’t cumbersome to take along, and she’s much happier hanging out in the seat than she would be if she had to be held or sitting in a stroller the whole time. And I’m happy with that, too! This rocker also takes up very little space in the car.
I see a lot of uses out of this rocker. The best part is that it is comfortable for my little one and she really seems to enjoy it. But it’s also so chic and well made. I love it! Definitely the best looking rocker I’ve seen. And it’s great that it’s not your ordinary plastic, hard to assemble rocker—this one is a winner.
Price: $108
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