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I’m slightly obsessed with my kid. Hopefully, this is not […]

photoI’m slightly obsessed with my kid. Hopefully, this is not the kind of obsession that finds me going with him on his first date or being his college dorm RA. I just really love being around him. Sure, sometimes I would like to catch up on my Super Soul Sunday watching (or any TV watching for that matter), but mostly I know these baby moments are fleeting, so I want to spend as much time with him as I can. I’d love to capture each and every smile, giggle, and hug in a jar like a butterfly, but I realize these moments are just as delicate and fragile as that butterfly would be—so, thank goodness for my cell phone camera.
When E and I are apart from each other, I find myself missing him. I wonder what new thing he’s discovered or what he’s asking “Dat?” and “Dissss?” about. And this is when it happens. I pull out my cell phone and start looking at pictures and tiny videos of the baby I just saw 30 minutes ago. I can’t be the only mom doing this. Can I? Anyone? Anyone?? Bueller??? Ugh. See? Obsessed.
In the moments I’m trying to have some “mommy and ALL ME” time, I find myself missing the little guy, and that’s when I scroll through photos of him at various ages wondering why time is flying like I’m on a Concord jet. How in the world am I ever going to keep up? You see, in a matter of weeks my little one is going to be more like my big one, because E is turning the big ONE YEAR OLD.
My little baby is one more year closer to getting his driver’s license, going on dates, and eating pizza! I don’t know how I’m going to survive each birthday without tears (and eating all of his cake). I am just so in love with these moments I don’t ever want to lose them.
Being a mom is teaching me a lot about learning to live fully in the moment and learning to let go–and above all, always have my cell phone charged.

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