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Not only is the sleek Graco Pack ‘N Play Modern […]

Not only is the sleek Graco Pack ‘N Play Modern Playard easy on the eyes, it’s easy on the lifestyle, too. For those of us whose nursery is upstairs but spend most of our time downstairs, this all-in-one baby center is a lifesaver.
GracoPackNPlayModernPlayardBefore my little munchkin surpassed 15 pounds, she slept safely and soundly in the bassinet. I liked having her snoozing nearby (instead of all by her lonesome upstairs) and the ability to lay her down without having to bend over too much was a blessing as I recovered from my C-section. The five nature sounds and soothing songs were frequently stuck in my head, as I regularly counted on them to lull my sweet angel to sleep. She also liked the 2-speed vibration feature, which is stationed underneath the center of the mattress. Don’t forget to have fresh batteries on hand!
The frequent diaper changes were a breeze (again, I was so thankful not to have to climb the stairs!) with the changing station and organizer at the ready. The changing pad cleans up easily (which is essential, as diaper explosions somehow seem inevitable) and the organizer has plenty of room to store wipes, diapers, rash cream, hand sanitizer, and a few small toys. When not in use, the changer easily folds over to make more room for baby to sleep or play. (My only issue is that as someone who is only 5’4”, the changing table is almost too high—when there’s a messy bottom to clean, I need to be at a more in-control angle! The height is great for my hubby though, who’s 6’1”, and would probably even be just fine for someone with two or three inches on me.)
Now that she’s bigger, my sweet girl loves passing time in the play yard, fiddling with her toys and snuggling her stuffed animals. The play yard itself (not including the bassinet and changing table accessories) folds up into convenient storage bag for trips to Grandma’s, so my daughter always has a baby-proof place to hang out and catch some ZZZs. We even took it with us on our beach vacation to provide the perfect place for her to be sand-free and in the shade (thank you, canopy!).
I love that it can be rolled from room to room, so my little one can always be a part of the action—or be rolled away from the action for naptime. (Roomy as it is for baby though, the wide base can prove challenging to navigate through the narrow hallways and close corners of century-old homes—just a head’s up!)
Between it’s excellent quality (you can always count on Graco!) and it’s aesthetic appeal that prevents any I can’t wait ‘til she outgrows this so I no longer have to look at it thoughts, I’m certain that this play yard will be with us until the day my daughter hits 35” (the recommended height limit for play yard-playing tykes). Easy to assemble, easy to clean, and easy to transport, I’d say making the decision to invest in one of these promising play yards is pretty easy, too.
Price: $199
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