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Stick-anywhere sensors notify your smartphone if a door opens, the […]

Stick-anywhere sensors notify your smartphone if a door opens, the medicine cabinet is ajar, the smoke detector is going off and more.
Notion home monitoring system, from $129
Order up a perfectly mixed bottle of formula at baby’s preferred temperature with the touch of a button.
Gerber BabyNes formula dispenser, $249
Room sensors check if anyone is home and which rooms are occupied, so it’s the right temperature where it matters most.
ecobee ecobee3 wi-fi thermostat, $249
Keep tabs on fevers with a pacifier that sends temps straight to your phone. It’s dishwasher-safe and has built-in tracking—so it’s never lost for long.
Blue Maestro Pacif-I thermometer pacifier, $49
The number of words a babe hears a day can predict future performance in school. This handy helper keeps a running tally, so you can boost your little one’s learning.
VersaMe Starling educational tool, $199
Keep bacteria at bay—on everything from bottles and toys to TV remotes and iPhones—with the cleaning power of UV light.
UviCube sanitizer, $29
Slip a bottle into this smart sleeve to track your tot’s eating habits (quantity, duration and more) via your smartphone. It even alerts you if the angle of the bottle is off, so you can reposition it as needed.
Baby Gigl bottle holder, $99
Choose from two speeds: Steady (to preserve nutrients while defrosting breast milk) and steam (which warms a bottle in under three minutes). Plus, it notifies you when it’s done!
Baby Brezza bottle warmer, $70
A modern twist on the traditional changing pad makes logging baby’s weight, feedings, diapers and sleep easy-peasy.
Hatch Baby changing pad, $249
Bounce, sway or both! This clever contraption mimics a mama’s natural calming motions—all controlled from an app in the palm of your hand.
Fisher-Price Smart Connect Soothing Motions Seat, $175

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