Getting the baby booty in gear

Written by: Mindy April 05 2011 Officially, I still have three weeks to go (in terms of being pregnant, that is). Three more weeks of eating everything in sight and demanding pie on a regular […]

Written by: Mindy

Officially, I still have three weeks to go (in terms of being pregnant, that is).

Three more weeks of eating everything in sight and demanding pie on a regular basis. Three more weeks of my husband, Cameron, doing all the heavy lifting … and the shopping, and the cooking, and putting our son to bed. Three more weeks of people telling me how cute and glowing I am, as opposed to looking at my belly and thinking, “Dang, she needs to hit the treadmill!”

Why on earth would I want this to end?

In some ways, I don’t. I enjoy being pregnant. Sure, there’ve been some achy moments, but at this point, everything is stretched just about as far as it can go. I’m finally aware of my modified body shape, so I’ve finally quit running my belly into things (the car door was the biggest offender). This baby will debut soon. At 37 weeks, I’m considered full-term and could technically go into labor any minute.

Personally, I hope I make it to my due date. I want this kiddo well-cooked! I once read that every day of development in the womb is equal to about a week of development out in the world. Combine that with the fact that the first three months are usually the most challenging when it comes to infant-care, and you can reason that the later your baby comes, the quicker you’ll get to the “easy” stage (if there is any such thing). So on one hand, while I don’t “plan” to become a mommy of two till the end of the month, I also feel the compelling need to get everything ready.

Wait … I’m lying. I don’t. Like I said, I’m pretty darn content. But Cameron certainly wants to be prepared. He seems to think we should actually have everything ready when the baby comes. Because of that, we decided to “pretend” the baby would be born last Saturday. That forced us to think about every essential thing we’d need to care for a newborn as of that date. Here’s what we came up with:

• Carseat — located and installed! Not planning a home birth, so a car seat is a must.
• Diapers — well, we have cloth diapers washed and ready from the last time we had a newborn. We’ll probably use disposables for that first week of meconium-glop, but we can get a pile of those from the hospital.
• Baby clothes — it’s getting warmer … don’t need ‘em! Actually, since we don’t know whether we’re having a boy or girl, we decided not to bother. We do have a stack of little white shirts and lots of blankets, which should be enough to get us through the first week.
• Changing table — located and set up. We haven’t used one for ages, ever since Caden got too long. But, I learned the hard way last time that babies will pee on your bed if you change them there too many times.

Other than that we feel like we’re good to go! We’re making a conscious effort this time around to not get caught up in baby toys or gizmos and gadgets. No wiper-warmers here! Instead, we just want to focus on loving and holding our new little one.

So, despite the fact that I’m enjoying the final days of this pregnancy … I can’t wait for the big day!

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