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In the world of baby things, finding a product that […]

In the world of baby things, finding a product that grows with your child is truly a diamond in the rough.
That’s how the Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker outlasts its competition—by giving parents the impressive ability to enjoy its perks until their baby reaches a whopping 40 pounds!
fp bouncer infantI’ll admit, this product does require a bit of assembly straight out of the box,and since I didn’t have the one required D-battery on-hand, I had to dash to the store while my husband pieced the rocker together. Luckily,it did include the two necessary button-cell batteries, though, so once those were in place and all the screws secured, there was no looking back.
The three-point restraining harness keeps small babies from wiggling away, and the two-position reclining seat is great for keeping infants leaning back into place. Light vibrations help stimulate nap time and calm fussy babies. There’s even a fold-out kickstand that is helpful if you’re trying to feed baby in the rocker—which you’ll undoubtedly do at some point—and the machine-washable seat pad makes for quick clean up in the event of any messes. Once baby gets older and gains a little more upper-body control, the rocker seat can be moved into an upright position, and his movements will help create a gentle rocking motion.
Fisher Price baby rockerI particularly love the interactive toys that hang from the toy bar:when batted or pulled, the butterfly and snail rattle, while the ladybug plays music. Not only are they really cute, but they’re great for helping baby perfect her hand-eye coordination skills and discover different colors and textures. (Oh, and if the idea of another musical toy makes you crazy, don’t worry because the toy bar can be removed very easily for baby’s nap time, or mommy’s quiet time!).
Fisher Price is well-known for their bright, kid-pleasing designs, and this rocker doesn’t miss the mark. Every inch of this product is colorful—from the rocking base to the soft fabric on the seat and toy bar—so you know your baby will enjoy the visual stimulation now, and one day your toddler will think his or her chair is ultra-cool. It’s wonderful to think that one of your most essential pieces of baby gear(and undoubtedly one of your baby’s favorites) will adapt to your lifestyle as your baby grows. This is one bouncer that savvy parents won’t want to miss out on!
Price: $40
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