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This month, little Oliver had the chance to engage in […]

ThomasRogers10.1This month, little Oliver had the chance to engage in several firsts. The little guy attended his first baseball game, saw his first giraffe, and went to his first Viking festival. He is growing up so much faster than I did. It took me thirty years to attend my first Viking festival.
As he often does, the little guy performed admirably at each public event. He smiled at people, slept occasionally, and refrained from riding the giraffe. He is remarkably well behaved. I would have put a saddle on that giraffe in minutes.
The baseball game was long-anticipated. I have probably mentioned, on numerous occasions, that I am a die-hard baseball fan.  I have been waiting to take my son to his first baseball game since I was eight. Probably. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment that I knew I would force my child to love the greatest sport ever created. So far, it has not been difficult to peak his interest. He likes people, so he spent much of his time judging all the Padre fans. Even at five months, this kid knows his allegiance lies with the Dodgers.
The giraffe was seen at the San Diego Zoo, along with several shorter-necked creatures. Oliver seemed to enjoy looking at the fish tank, but was bored by most of the other animals. I had high hopes for the giraffe, but Oliver was not impressed. Given my son’s propensity to stick his long tongue out at all times, I have occasionally wondered whether he might be part giraffe. He did not appear to communicate with any of them, so it seems unlikely. He’s probably just a human. Oh well.
As for the Viking Festival, it was… unexpected. I had heard about the event on the radio, and immediately imagined that I could don a horned hat and battle dragons, alongside my Viking offspring. Unfortunately, there were no dragons. We did, however, find a cool hat for Oliver. See picture for awesomeness.

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