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We did it! We’ve finally moved into our new house! […]

We did it! We’ve finally moved into our new house! Granted, there are still boxes everywhere, we still don’t have any appliances, and our bathrooms are just barely functional—but we are in!! We are still sleeping with our mattress on the floor, and Akira is still sleeping in his pack n play. But this is home, and it feels incredible to finally say we’ve moved in.
IMG_9884This past Father’s Day was bittersweet. It was Jesse’s first Father’s Day with two littles, but we were missing one of our kids! We celebrated the day at my brother-in-law’s house, and their dad came over to join us. Three generations of Clarks were together, and it was really touching to see my father-in-law with both his son and grandson. There was a roasted turkey, macaroni and cheese and pan seared brussels sprouts in bacon. It was a beautiful sunny day with an unseasonably cool breeze. I watched Jesse’s dad beam with pride as he watched his own son care for and dote on his grandson. Akira was hamming it up and enjoying the attention, happily oblivious to the importance of the date. It made me wonder if Akira would one day be a dad to his own son or daughter. Sure, I was looking far into the future, but I couldn’t help it! After I put Akira down for the night, Jesse and I capped off the night with a couple of adult beverages and Game 7 of the NBA Finals. It was a really low-key and relaxing Father’s Day for all.
When I asked Jesse what he thought was the best part of being a dad of two, he said, “Just really appreciating the individual personalities and seeing the camaraderie between the two of them. It’s better for each of them. They keep us on our toes, our brood. We’re not outnumbered, and we have a little gang.” It got me thinking about the life we’re building, the home we’re making and the future that we have in store for our family. We’ve been working so hard to build our nest—Jesse and I both. It’s funny how as parents we are constantly wanting the best for our children. Our parents wanted to give us an abundance of opportunity and a comfortable life. And now I see those desires coming out in myself for my kids. We want them to be happy and loved and feel warm and safe. We want them to know they can come to us for anything and that we will always be pillars of support in their lives. Sure, they’re so small now, but not for long.
I laugh at myself sometimes at how often I think that time is moving too fast. But it’s true. The older I get, the faster it seems to go. It feels like I blink and suddenly the kids are bigger than they were a minute ago. It feels like Akira was just born, but the truth is, his first birthday is just around the corner. And don’t get me started on Anaïs! She’s already going into Pre-K in a couple of months. I don’t know how it happens so quickly, but it does. And I guess that’s all part of parenthood, isn’t it?

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