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If anyone out there needs a midwife, give me a […]

If anyone out there needs a midwife, give me a call. It turns out that I’m actually pretty good at midwifery. I had the immense pleasure of delivering my 5th child this past week. How did I do that, you may wonder. Like this …cord cut
“The head is out!” I exclaimed to my wife.
“Oh good.” That was all she could say before the next push.
Two seconds later, I was holding my new baby son. He felt heavy and quite slippery. I felt breathless and awestruck. What just happened? I can’t believe we just did that.
We didn’t plan for it to happen this way, but it did. Our plan was for our midwife to be present to help coach us through all the twists and turns of delivering a baby. The only people in the room were our two oldest daughters (7 and 6 years old) and a friend who came over to take pictures
You see, things escalated rather quickly for this birth, so there really wasn’t time to get everyone there. So, we did it the old-fashioned way: just family and friends in our home. It was awesome!
My wife had started feeling contractions that same morning. They were infrequent and not very intense. I stayed home from work that day in order to stay close to her. Our midwife came over to the house around dinner time to check up on her. Everything looked good, and she was even a few centimeters dilated. It seemed pretty obvious that we would be having this baby soon, but no one knew how soon. The midwife said she was going to go home to rest, but she expected to hear from us again in the next 24 hours.
We went about our evening as we normally would. Around 8 p.m., my wife wanted to go lie down. Contractions were feeling more intense. I took care of putting our kids to bed and then went into our room to keep my wife company.
We called the midwife at 11 p.m. to let her know that the frequency and intensity of contractions were increasing. She lives a little more than an hour away, so it seemed wise for her to start out for our house. Given our previous birth experiences, we figured that we still had at least a few hours left to go before we would get into serious pushing.
This birth came with some surprises though. Within a half an hour, contractions went from every 10 minutes to every minute. The baby dropped down lower, and my wife started pushing. I called the midwife when the water broke. She offered to stay on the phone with me, but I thought it would be better for me to focus on my wife—so I hung up. My wife was laboring on her hands and knees on our bed. I knelt down behind her and kept watch for signs of crowning. A couple more pushes later, I could see the crown. Two more pushes and the head was out. One more push and I was holding my new son … and my breath.
My wife and I are both so glad that we have been able to enjoy the experience of birthing at home. My favorite part about it is that we had to work as a team. Of course, she was doing the heavy lifting. I don’t deny that. My role was supportive. I helped her keep her breathing rhythm. I encouraged her when she felt scared. I gave her assurance when she felt insecure. I reminded her that she could do it when she doubted herself. And, of course, I got to catch the baby. My wife performed a miracle that night, and I got to play sidekick. It was one of those experiences I will never forget.
I’m thinking that the name Adam Rust Midwifery Services has a nice ring to it. Who wants to be my first client?

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