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Attention, Type A mamas! I have just had the pleasure […]

DanzoSoho3Attention, Type A mamas! I have just had the pleasure of trying out the Danzo Soho diaper bag, and I am 100 percent certain its impressive, unmatched organizational capabilities will appeal to you (as they did to me, also blessed with a Type A personality).
You see, each bag in the chic and sophisticated collection of Danzo bag boasts the brand’s signature, patent-pending clear pocket system. Each of the interior see-through pockets (there are seven in the Soho) sports a small hook-and-loop square on which to affix one of the 25(!) red, reusable badges (which remind me of Girl Scout patches) for ultimate everything-in-its-place orderliness.
There are several aspects of this system that appeal to me, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Clear pockets mean you can see what’s inside. I know, I know, I’m stating the obvious here, but it’s seriously helpful. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached my hand into the deep, dark pockets of other diaper bags I’ve carried, hoping to find a pacifier but discovering a crumpled cookie/miniature action figure/dirty tissue instead. Transparent is a good thing, guys.
  2. Interchangeable labels keep things flexible. Some days I’m packing the bag for daycare, some days I’m packing it for a field trip to the museum, and some days I’m packing it for a plane ride. All of these things influence what I need, and I like that the system can adapt readily.
  3. Labels make it easier for people—including you, your husband, the babysitter—to find things quickly. This is a very, very good thing.
  4. My other points may seem obvious, but there’s one benefit of this smart system I didn’t come to realize until I put it into action. Ready? The labeling system also works really well as a checklist. When using the bag as I went about my daily routine, I didn’t really switch out the labels often—I packed the same staples day after day. This meant I could do a quick run-through of the labels to see that I had everything I needed. Bib? Check. Wipes? Yep. Ointment? Oops, looks like that pocket’s empty. Better restock before we head out. It’s really nice not to rely solely on my (practically nonexistent) memory to make sure we’re not without diapers for the day.

In addition to the labeled, see-through pocket system, the Soho features a long zipper running from one side to the other that allows for a near-flat opening, making it super easy to see and access everything you have. Speaking of everything you have, let’s talk about just how much the bag holds. A good bit, I’d say, enough for a day trip for sure. But it should be noted that it’s better for organizing smallish things than it is at toting bigger items (like a stuffed animal or child carrier). There’s real estate to fit one largish item (say a blanket or SLR camera), but I found that when I overfilled it, I immediately lost the sense of impeccable organization to which I had become accustomed.
Still, in terms of functionality, I’d say the bag delivers. And it certainly does not disappoint on the style front. The tote exudes pulled-togetherness. In fact, I’ve actually considered using it as my work bag instead of my baby bag. It’s totally professional looking (plus, the idea of storing all my pens and pencils and chargers in little labeled pockets sounds dreamy … whoa, Type A personality, calm down a minute). The bag is pricey, no doubt, but I do believe the quality is there to make it a worthwhile investment piece. I know I certainly plan to use it for years to come.
Price: $385
To buy: danzobaby.com

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